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My name is Adriaan van Klinken. Originating from the Netherlands, I am based in the UK while trying to spend as much time as possible on the continent of my greatest interest, Africa.

I work at the University of Leeds, where I am Professor of Religion and African Studies. I also serve as Director of the Leeds University Centre for African Studies and of the Centre for Religion and Public Life. My academic interests centre around religion and public life in contemporary African societies, with a particular focus on issues of sexuality and gender. 

I’m an academic who is passionate about teaching, researching, and writing in the fields of African studies, religious studies, and gender/sexuality/queer studies (and the intersections of these). On this website you find information about my research, publications and other activities.

If you have any questions regarding my work, or are interested in postgraduate studies under my supervision, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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