When the Body of Christ has AIDS

The latest issue of the International Journal of Public Theology includes my article entitled ‘When the Body of Christ has AIDS: A Theological Metaphor for Global Solidarity in Light of HIV and AIDS’ (vol. 4/no. 4, 2010, p. 446-465).
In this article, I explore the global implications of the statement made by African theologians that the Body of Christ has AIDS. I outline how a number of African theologians employ the metaphor of the body of Christ to challenge the western world to enter into solidarity with Africa struck by HIV and AIDS. From the realization that the HIV epidemic is embedded in globalization processes, and from the understanding of contextual theologies as significant to western theology, I then argue that western theologians have to take seriously the critical African questions. Hence in the article I investigate what it means for the western world to say that the body of Christ has AIDS, and how this metaphor may help to envision global solidarity in light of the HIV epidemic.

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