New publication about Pentecostal masculinity politics

The recently published book, The Bible and Politics in Africa (edited by Masiiwa Ragies Gunda and Joachim Kügler, published by Bamberg University Press), includes an article from my hand about Pentecostal masculinity politics in Zambia. In this piece I particularly examine the political and hermeneutical aspects of the discourse about “biblical manhood” in a Zambian Pentecostal church, Northmead Assembly of God.

The book volume is the outcome of a conference on the use of the Bible in political and public debates in contemporary African societies, organised by the Chair of New Testament Studies of the University of Bamberg in 2010. The volume is published in the series Bible in Africa Studies. This is an open access e-book series, and therefore the full text of the book is online available (link). The text of my contribution is available here.

Bibliographical details:

Adriaan S. van Klinken, ‘The Politics of “Biblical Manhood”: A Critical Study on Masculinity Politics and Biblical Hermeneutics in a Zambian Pentecostal Church’ in Masiiwa Ragies Gunda and Joachim Kügler (eds.), The Bible and Politics in Africa, Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press 2012, pp. 341-362.


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