Jesus Traditions and Masculinities in World Christianity


The academic journal Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research has recently published a special issue on Jesus Traditions and Masculinities in World Christianity. I have guest edited this volume, together with Peter-Ben Smit of VU University in Amsterdam. 

The volume presents five contributions from four continents in the world, exploring the intersections of “Jesus traditions” (i.e., canonical and non-canonical texts, images, symbols and doctrines about Jesus Christ) and men and masculinities in specific contexts of contemporary global Christianity. The articles explore a wide range of issues, from homophobic to messianic masculinity, from Harry Potter to Obama, and from Catholic legionaries in Spain to Zimbabwean Pentecostal men. These issues are explored from various disciplinary perspectives, such as biblical studies, religious studies, gender studies, cultural anthropology and literary studies. Together the articles give an in-depth impression of the sheer productivity of Jesus traditions and of the diversity of constructions of masculinity (and their intentions) that currently exist in global Christian contexts.

The volume opens with an introductory essay in which the guest editors position the theme of the special issue in broader debates in the study of gender and religion, the critical study of men, masculinities and religion, and the study of gender in early Christianity including the debates about the masculinity/ies of Jesus Christ. The full text version of this introduction is online available.


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2 responses to “Jesus Traditions and Masculinities in World Christianity

  1. I must read this one. Trust will inform my chapter counter-models of masculinity

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