Chapter on African Christianity in Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity

Handbook of Global Contemporary ChristianityThe new Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity has just been published by Brill. Edited by Stephen J. Hunt (University of the West of England, Bristol), this volume maps the transformations, as well as the continuities, of the largest of the major religions. The contributors explore regional trends and developments and discuss critical global issues such as politics, ethnicity, gender and sexuality in relation to contemporary Christianity.

I had the honour of contributing the chapter on Christianity in Africa. In the first part of the chapter, I explore five major developments in African Christianity in recent decades: the seeming demise of African Initiated Churches, the phenomenal rise of neo-Pentecostal churches, contextualisation and Pentecostalisation of the mainline churches, the changing public role of Christianity in Africa, and the globalisation of African Christianity. In the second part I discuss some trends and topical issues in contemporary African Christian contexts that are particularly relevant to Christianity’s social and public role: the relation to Islam, the response to the HIV epidemic, and recent controversies over homosexuality.

‘Christianity in Africa: Developments and Trends’, in Stephen Hunt (ed.), Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity: Themes and Developments in Culture, Politics, and Society (Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion Series, Vol. 10), Leiden: Brill, 131-151.

Please find the full text of the chapter here.

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