Is it possible to be African, Christian and gay? The first LGBT church in Nairobi, Kenya definitely believe so. The Cosmopolitan Affirming Community, known affectionately as CAC, seeks to promote an inclusive and progressive form of Christianity, in a rather conservative society.

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Kenyan, Christian, Queer is a short documentary film about the life of CAC and its members. It explores how this community provides a space where LGBT Kenyans can be affirmed in their sexuality and faith, and how it seeks to promote an inclusive and progressive form of Christianity in a rather conservative society.

Cosmopolitan Affirming Church is also central to one of the case studies of my book, Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa (Penn State University Press, 2019).

The film is a production of AiAi Studios, in collaboration with the University of Leeds and with Cosmopolitan Affirming Church. It was directed by a long-term friend, the film maker Aiwan Obinyan, while David Ochar and I served as executive producers.

Funding for the film was secured through the Impact Acceleration Account of the UK Economic and Social Science Research Council.

Kenyan Christian Queer has been accepted for screening at the following international film festivals:

  • Film Africa (London), 30 October – 8 November 2020
  • Africa in Motion (Glasgow), 30 October – 29 November 2020
  • Reel Q (Pittsburg LGBT Film Festival), 8-17 October 2020
  • Out on Film (Atlanta’s LGBTQ film festival), 24 September – 4 October 2020
  • SOUL Fest, British Film Institute, September 2020

Reviews of the film: