The documentary film Kenyan, Christian, Queer features the first LGBT church in Kenya, called Cosmopolitan Affirming Church. It explores how this community provides a space where members can be affirmed in their sexuality and faith, and how it seeks to promote an inclusive and progressive form of Christianity in a rather conservative society.

Cosmopolitan Affirming Church is also central to one of the case studies of my book, Kenyan, Christian, Queer: Religion, LGBT Activism, and Arts of Resistance in Africa (Penn State University Press, 2019).

The film is a production of AiAi Studios, in collaboration with the University of Leeds and with Cosmopolitan Affirming Church. It was directed by a long-term friend, the film maker Aiwan Obinyan, while David Ochar and I served as executive producers.

Funding for the film was secured through the Impact Acceleration Account of the UK Economic and Social Science Research Council.